Ganesha Dub : Bliss of Bass

Mixed Oct-Nov 2013 by Kaya Rainface /

track list // Akira "Unlocking the Portal" / Dub Kirtan All-Stars "Radhe Govinda"/ Sidecar Tommy "Glitch Tribe" / Break Science "Look into the Hourglass" / Cheb i Sabbah "Alkher Illa Doffor" (Bassnectar renix) / Dub Kirtan All-Stars "Kunja Bihari" / Dirtwire "Hunter's Harp" / Random Rab "Perceiver > Fog Lantern" / Subaqueous "Devotion Afloat" / Sun:Monx "Cochencha Voz" / Darkside "Sitra > Heart > Freak, Go Home" / (((shwex))) "Falling Into Place (Skytree gravitation Remix)" / Dub Kirtan All-Stars "Sita Ram" / Desert Dwellers "Misty Mountains" / Erothyme "Lion Heart" (The Human Experience remix) / Birds of Paradise "The Invincible Love Song" \\

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Sacred Bass Sessions Vol. 1 : Beyond the Dream Dome (for Sabbahji)


Mixed by Kaya Rainface at the Purple Palace, November 2013

We're excited to introduce The Sacred Bass Sessions, a new series of intentional gatherings in Bellingham / Cascadia. Produced in partnership with Boogie Universal and Destination Burning Man, these sessions are envisioned to be a series of transformational gatherings based around electronic music, community engagement and freedom of expression.

This musical mix by
dBM's Kaya Rainface is a soundtrack for our vision of Sacred Bass Sessions, like a mission statement, as well as a map to the subconscious nooks and crannies of your mind. It features music from the West Coast's finest DJs, producers and sound shamans, artists we either have already booked to play an upcoming SBS or are actively pursuing. The low-end mystical flow is deeply inspired by Rainface's time spent in the DreamDome at Photosynthesis 6 this past summer.

Just before releasing this mix, we synthesized a spur-of-the-moment tribute to Cheb i Sabbah at the conclusion of the audio journey, in honor of his passing on November 7. As we listened to this mix that evening, we could clearly hear Sabbahji's influence in every track, his musical legacy informing the current crop of Sacred Bass DJs who carry forward his global-galactic grooves for the next leg of the journey.

track list // itom lab "Galactic Mantra" + The Bells of Sh'ang Sh'ung / Subaqueous "Invoking (eO remix) > In Spire > Cryptic (Michael Manahan remix) / Osiris "Immersion > Soul Diver" / Drumspyder "Caduceus" / itom lab "Brahmin" / Plantrae "Primary Decomposers" / GUDA "Riparian Toadschool" / eO "Lilt" / Kyrstyn Pixton "Dolphin's Pipe" / Cheb i Sabbah "Durga Puja" (Rainface Redub) / eO "Sussurus" / Bass Chakra Therapy outro //

dedicated to the memory of
Cheb i Sabbah
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