Bass Meditations

With no more delay I offer 'Bass Meditations' for the dBM massive, a mix of sacred bass music. This mix drops into the sacred bass realm and was designed as a soundtrack to your Practice.  Find your flow with Kaminanda, Phuture Primative, Kayla Scintilla, Tipper, Nanda, Thriftworks and The Human Experience.  This mix is a sampling of some of the freshest, most deeply studied bass chakra masters.

Track List: // Kaminanda - 'Conscious Droplets' / PhuturePrimitive - Center of Gravity / Kaminanda - The Yum Factor / Russ Liquid - VGA / The Human Experience - Entheos / Tipper - Bubble Control > Hourglass Infringment / Thriftworks - Pillow In the Woods > Greenie Beanies / Nanda - Cry of the Ages / Kayla Scintilla - Rises In The East / Kaminanda - Temple of De'Light / Kayla Scintilla - Way of the Tarrot / PhuturePrimitive - Ripple Effect \\

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