SBS #1: GRATITUDE 11/22/13

Weaver, Seattle

GUDA, Portland
Jack Yaguda (GUDA) is a multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer hailing from Portland, Oregon. His unique brand of psychedelic electronic music incorporates a wide variety of influences including glitch hop, down tempo, Jazz, Classical, and hip hop, among others. Look out for some tenor saxophone in a live setting!

CultureLove, Bellingham

Ruby Koa, Yoga instructor at Inspire Studio, Bellingham

Drumming by Maketa (X8 Drumming, Seattle), Blake Cisneros (Yanvalou Drum School, Seattle), Jeff and Scott Anderson (Bellingham).

Gratitude altars by
Julia and her elves.

$10 advance at or Community Food Coop
$15 door
Hosted at Presence Studio (1412 Cornwall Ave), Bellingham/Cascadia. Limited capacity!

Seeking to galaktivate this power spot between Mount Baker and the Salish Sea — in the interest of community, celebration, transformation, empowerment, healing and respect for the land and one another — we're excited to introduce Sacred Bass Sessions, beginning this fall in Bellingham / Cascadia. The Sacred Bass Sessions are envisioned to be a regular series of transformational gatherings based around electronic music, community engagement and freedom of expression. The gatherings will be a blank slate upon which the community is invited to make their brush strokes, bring their gift, share their talents and skills. The vibration of each Sacred Bass Session will depend upon the participants.

In this season of giving thanks, we gather in Gratitude….

Featuring three amazing DJ/producers, a gratitude meditation/ritual, live drumming and yoga with Ruby Koa of Inspire Studio (come as you are, B.Y.O.M., beginners welcome).

Bring something that symbolizes your gratitude to add to the community altar.

Show gratitude for our abundance by bringing non-perishable food donations for Bellingham Food Bank.

Costumage encouraged!

Interested in performing or contributing? Contact or register at