Sacred Bass Dialogues 001 : Goopsteppa 7/14/14

Welcome to Sacred Bass Dialogues, a series of conversations about music, art, sound healing, creativity and community; this first episode features Goopsteppa, a BC-based musician with a love for low-end vibrations. Hosted by Moontroll, this debut episode was recorded on Vancouver Island on the last day of the Luminosity Gathering.

Track list // Fresh Squeeze / Back Home / Look Here / Oma Grinne / Vahbz / Crystals / Sun Kissed Horizons / Welcome Aboard / Fashionably Late / Cruciferous / Lucid (feat AtYyA) / Rainy Day Jams \\

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from the artist's website: "Montreal-raised Dj/producer/artist Alex E aka Goopsteppa has always had a deep passion for music and arts. After coming out to the west coast, he became greatly inspired by intentional gatherings and the culture they breed. Sharing his art and music at various events for the past years, he intends to spread love and good vibrations through his visual art and soundscapes. He presents sets blending mixtures of melodic soundscapes, juicy basslines in down- to mid-tempo beats that will most likely make you melt onto the dancefloor."

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Listen to Goopsteppa live at Sacred Bass Sessions #4: BALANCE in Bellingham/Cascadia on the Spring Equinox 2014.

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