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The SynchroniciTEA House was born from the dust of Burning Man, offering shady sanctuary, revitalizing tea and a nexus for synchronistic gatherings. It now pops up at Pacific Northwest gatherings to offer its services, including Luminosity, Photosynthesis and Sacred Bass Sessions.

Hosted by a crew based in Bellingham, Seattle and Portland, the SynchroniciTEA House is more than just a teahouse: it is a hub of creative community, engagement and exploration. Each cup of tea they serve is infused with love-consciousness and their guests leave with the magic warmth of tea in their hearts and a sense of belonging to something greater.

This summer at
Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival, not only will they offer free tea infusions and herbal elixirs in their enlightened lounge zone, but also daily yoga sessions, playshops and music and a sanctuary for healing arts.

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New-ish! Sacred Bass Dialogues: a series of conversations about music, art, sound healing, creativity & community...


001: Goopsteppa
002: GUDA
003: BioLumigen (forthcoming)

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Presented by
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